Friday, June 4, 2010

New Place for Cheap Clothes!

Our haul from this morning's shopping trip! 

Just got back from a totally blog-worthy shopping trip with my friend Alyssa, and must share! Alyssa and I are two peas in a pod. We pick out the same stuff constantly. That scarf up there? We both bought one at Payless. I had that ring in my hand and put it back, then she picked it up (without knowing I had almost bought it) and added it to her pile. What can I say, we must have great taste! (or at least very similar taste!)
When it comes to clothes, a successful shopping outing for us is a trip to the Cancer Society Thrift store and Payless Shoes. Imagine our delight when a consignment store opened just blocks from our houses! (We're neighbors, much fun to have your friend right around the corner!) The new store is called the Clothesline, and it ROCKS. Those jeans? Paige Premium Denim, retail price $198. My price? $29.99**! And the cocktail ring was just $3.95. But the coupe de grace, the best deal of century, are those Donald J Pliner Couture heels. Neither Alyssa nor I knew who the heck he was, we just knew they were very "cha cha"! But the owners Sy and Cathy (who has an awesome photography business as well) informed us that they are $400 shoes! These suckers have basically no wear and are amazing. Alyssa scooped them up for just $29.99**! If you're in Elk Grove, head over...they buy, sell and exchange and are totally worth a trip! 

**I originally had these both down as $39.99 but remembered last night that they were an even BETTER deal than that! 


Lindsay said...

Those are some KICK ASS finds. Rock it, sister!

kimmie said...

I have the exact same pair of Paige jeans! (I think... does it have trouser pockets in the front?) but I paid more :(

Kelly Gallagher said...

I thought you couldn't buy any clothes until August?!? ;-P

Tracy said...

Ha ha Kelly, you caught me! I had that bet with my husband...but then I had an especially bad day and he told me I needed to go buy myself something. (He's pretty awesome!)


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