Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Parental's

Those are my parent's. Aren't they cute? I have their permission to blog about them today (remember that Mom and Dad? Not sure if that was before or after the open bar). They were quite proud of their on the cheap wedding attire, so here's the scoop:
My dad got that tie either a. (mom's version) from an office supply store that was going out of business for 10 cents or b. (dad's version) he stole it from a box of them that a union was using to hang their signs. Either way, it's a pretty awesome tie, and he has a collection of them in other colors to boot. The mint green one is especially nice.
My mom's dress is vintage, and she bought it when I was seven, when it was over 30 years old. Doing the math makes it from the late 40's/early 50's. And knowing my mom she didn't pay more than $10. Her necklace was her mother's day present from yours truly, so I won't tell you how much it cost, suffice to say it was less than $10 and more than $5. Proud, Mom?
Some things I learned about my parents that night:
-Dad likes margaritas. A lot. He also likes to refresh his drink and chat up strangers when my mom decides it's time to go. He's a hoot.
-Mom hates nylons. She took them off and threw them in the trash. That's where I get my class. She also has a two beer limit. The volume of her voice is directly related to the number of beers she's consumed. That's what makes her fun.
Really though, my parents have been married for thirty years and are the most moral, upstanding, hard working people I know. They both have an amazing work ethic, and they truly enjoy each other. Without setting out to, they have taught my husband and I countless lessons on marriage and life. Love you guys.


April said...

Your parent are absolutely adorable! Congrats to them on 30 years of marriage!!

Leslee said...

OhEmGeeee! I actually KNOW these two people!!!

That's what happens when you live in a small town...

Pretty sure DH went to school with your Aunt's too!!!

I met these two characters when I worked at the local Savings & Loan..

WOW!! So cool! My best to them on their anniversary!

P.S. I have always felt a connection to you... NOW I know why... ♥

Phoenix said...

Having parents that unknowingly show you how a successful marriages is one of the best gifts they can give. Lucky girl ;)

Sarah Reed said...

What an awesome blog! Great job! You are amazing!!!

cheyenne2 said...

I am so glad you are back Tracy! I was pretty bummed thinking I wouldn't get to read your musing and doings and fashionista prose!


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