Thursday, May 17, 2012

Titles are Overrated

So it's been about an eon since I've been to my blog, let alone posted. I get emails every other day or so reporting that someone in Russia (I can only assume from their interesting word choice) is making spammy comments here, but alas, not even that has seemed to be enough to bring me back.
Life with two kids is one thing for sure: BUSY. I think the best possible birth control would be to let horny teenagers take care of a grown up household for two full days. That'll make you keep your pants on.
So I just thought I'd pop in and say hello, and let ya'll know (I've had a beer, there's my year in Texas coming out) that my favorite place to shop, Thrift Town, is having a 50% off sale on Memorial Day. I was just there last weekend and scored a pair of linen Banana (thanks Gwen Stefani for helping me never misspell that word) Republic linen shorts for $2.99, and a similarly priced pair of Ralph Lauren white Bermuda shorts. Why am I glad that I shop at Thrift Town? Because the first time I wore those white shorts, I stupidly handed my 1 year old a cheeseburger. That he then wiped on me. Right across the leg of my brand new shorts. Boy am I glad I didn't pay $60 for those suckers! (It came out...husband got me a Tide pen as part of my mother's day gift. Dude knows me all too well....)

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