Friday, March 2, 2012

Someday Chambray

So I saw an outfit like this on Pinterest and clicked on over, only to learn that the little white shorts were like $700 or some craziness. So I redid it, cheaper (and dare I say cuter? I dare.)
Because seriously? I have cute little white shorts in a box under my bed, just waiting for summer. And they did NOT cost $700. All I need is a cute chambray shirt like that one up there. Off to Old Navy I shall go.
And FYI, I have those shoes in teal, and they are awesome. Tons of compliments. Super cheap. My favorite combination.

Sunglasses, Shirt, Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes & Clutch: Target
Bracelet: Forever 21

1 comment:

kimmie said...

I really wanted those sandals last summer! But I wanted to wait for them to go on clearance (I'm cheap) and I waited a little too long. :(


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