Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ode to the Sticker Chart

Can I just tell you about the amazingness that is a sticker chart?
Two year old couldn't sleep without a milk bottle. We were up two to three times every night, getting more milk, changing a milk filled diaper, or replacing sheets when said diaper blew out. It was getting old.
And then there's the baby waking up, too. Fun times.
Enter the sticker chart. At the end of our milk filled ropes, we make a deal with Itty Bitty: go five nights without a milk bottle, and you can pick out a dolly at Big Lots.
And she rocked it. Five night in a row, no milk bottle. No waking up. Whoo hoo! And she got a dolly.
So then we start thinking...we can't buy a dolly every five days. Also, what can we do where we get something, too? (Are we the only parents who think this way? I doubt it).
Mommy: "How about if you are a good listener and get a sticker for 5 days in a row, we can all go to Chinese food?"
So the point is, we are now on the "take a nap every day for 5 days" sticker chart. This is day 5. Tonight, Chinese food. Today, mommy sanity. After 3 months of NO NAPS, we're rolling on 5.
It's the little things.
PS I just bought this shirt today. And I own those boots, and I'm kind of in love with that purse.


Tonja said...

Wait! Where do we find this stuff? :)

Tracy said...

Oh shoot, you caught onto my laziness!
Shirt and pants are Old Navy, bracelet F21, boots I got online (Nectar I think?) purse Payless, scarf is from Sears. :)

kimmie said...

Your two year old is smarter than my two-year old. We tried the sticker chart thing, but he just ended up wanting ALL THE STICKERS!!! and could not fathom why we would only let him put up one at a time.

And mine can't sleep without his milk bottle before bed too (he's 3 months away from turning three! oops) but it's down to half a bottle of milk, so we haven't had mid-night leakage in awhile. I'll have to try the bribing with stickers or gummy candy. :)


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