Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meet Margot

At Home Goods after Christmas, I came across this dress form. I've always wanted one, and clearly this was my lucky day. The clearance price drew me in, and before I knew it she was mine.
I have decided to call her Margot.
Margot was a friend I had, briefly, in college. Margot smoked Parliaments and made bad decisions. An evening with Margot could begin at a party in a beach front mansion and end at a dive bar with an illegal poker game in the back room. Margot was equal parts awesome and terrifying. If I had an alter ego, she'd be it.
And plus, she's French. See?

My hope is that Margot can sport some of my awesome thrift store finds and add a little excitement to this here blog. 
Plus it's just fun to play dress up and give inanimate objects names.
Au revoir! 

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