Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Observations On Motherhood

Hello Blog.
I couldn't stand that my last post was something so boring. So I'm back.
I started another blog. I thought I could write there, without the time suck of putting together outfits.
But you know what, blog? I can't write without a stupid outfit up there to get me started. Considering that I make my living as, you know, a writer, that kind of blows. Seriously. I'd think of something funny and clever to write, and then I'd change a diaper. And make a snack. And pick raisins out of the carpet while wiping spit up out of my hair. And by the time I even thought about blogging, whatever clever thing I'd thought of had been replaced by something else in my brain, like the theme song from Pinky Dinky Doo. Which has to be the most annoying children's show of all time, followed closely by Clifford the Big Red Dog. (Best kids show? Word Girl. Husband informed me this morning that it is no longer on at 6:30 am, which is sad because we both enjoy Word Girl's humor. We need lives.)
On a different note, I thought that having two kids would be simply twice as much work. Ha ha! Funny mommy!
Holy Shit.
Having two kids increases your crazy level exponentially.
So my vision of reading sweetly to the 2 year old while the 4 month old sleeps soundly in his crib looks more like cleaning the 2 year old's poop off the bathroom floor while holding the screaming 4 month old against my chest. The 4 month old who decides it's a good time to vomit into my cleavage.
On the bright side...I have cleavage!


Katie! said...

Yay, you're back! :-) I missed Tracy and her adorably cheap outfits.

If you can get away from puke and poop, let's do happy hour soon!

Heather P said...

Yay. Glad to see you in my reader again--in any blog, really. You know I love my red Toms, too. :) Hang in there, mama.

kimmie said...

I never know how moms of two do it. I can barely manage one kid, let alone TWO? But anyway, congrats on the new baby, hope you're hanging in there!

Glad you're back! :)

Tonja said...

I just switched to the new Blogger interface and I thought maybe it screwed up and pulled up an old post of yours.. but YAY! it's a new one. Welcome back.. and hang in there ;)

Becky Bowman said...

Welcome back! And I love this outfit! I won't be wearing it for at least another 8 months, but I love the diaper bag and may actually register for it! So thanks for the ideas.

Lars said...

Good heavens! Bless your heart, Tracy, you're a hero. (p.s. Yay for cleavage!)

Matt said...

Yay for cleavage indeed!!!
-Your Husband


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