Thursday, February 3, 2011

There's a Bun in the Oven

Around about the time we decided to try and sell our house, we also made the decision to put off having another baby. We figured the responsible thing to do was wait until we knew what our housing situation was going to be before bringing another little Cheapster into the world. Because you usually can't buy another house for at least 2 years after a short sale, the wait could have been pretty long. Both my husband and I were bummed, but felt we were being really grown up about the whole thing. It's always nice to feel grown up, isn't it?
We put the house in the market July 8. August 1st I found out I was pregnant. I'm due in late April.
"Ha ha!" said Karma.
We'll be moving in to our new house right before the baby is born. I think he must have known it would all work out. (Yep, it's a boy).

Everything today comes from Old Navy. I have a non-maternity Old Navy striped shirt that I am wearing the heck out of. Surprisingly, horizontal stripes while pregnant help to say, "Hey look, I'm not getting fat, it's actually a baby!"


Heather P said...

I'm a fan of the cardigan, for sure. I really liked your striped top, too. I think I might need to push out of my comfort zone and buy one!

Hutch said...

Yay! I'm glad it's out there because I almost spilled yesterday like the blond I am.

Becky and James Bowman said...

I would totally wear this outfit, even non-preggers now! And congratulations on the new baby! What great timing!

kimmie said...

Oooh! Congrats on the new bun in the oven! :D


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