Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Blog is BACK!

The blog is BACK, for good this time! Having been inspired by the hometown bloggers I so luckily joined for dinner last night, I'm back to blogging. See a really great write up of our evening, here, at Heather's blog (still one of my fav's). Getting to know these girls through their blogs has been fun, but in person they are ten times better. I was actually kind of nervous to meet them all again, but through the common thread of blogging we discovered we have a ton in common (and all can make each other laugh!)
Instead of bore you with a long story of where I've been on this first post, I thought I'd just put together an outfit. I'll wait until later this week to tell the story of what I've been up to since August 27th, which was the last time I posted. The horror!
I have all sorts of things to write about, including how this little ol' blog will be different going forward, new additions, and big life changes, but in the meantime, enjoy some spring inspired cheapness on this rainy, rainy day.

Sweater, Modcloth
Haute Pink Top, Modcloth
Jeans, Overstock
Bag, Forever 21
Flats, Target
Bracelet, Old Navy
Sunglasses, Forever 21

FYI-Does anyone know how to make links in blogger just show the words you typed, not the HTML? For some reason all my links make big lines of HTML in my posts since my return...grr...


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Glad you're back. Love this outfit!! I am not sure what you mean with the HTML in your posts - it looks normal to me!

Glad you had fun with the local bloggers!! :)

Kelly Gallagher said...

looks normal to me too. love the sweater! looking forward to more blogs. :)

Katie said...

I am SO happy you're back!! :-) Love that bracelet - adorable!!

Heather P said...

Glad you're back too! Missed you in my reader. :) Do I spy a new background? (Or was that there and I just missed it?)

I love the bag--that shade of purple/grey--the bag I had with me last night is a similar shade and I feel like it goes with everything. It was a cheapie I got in New York at Filene's Basement and I fear it's going to go kaput soon. :/ Hopefully it holds on a while.

Tracy said...

Yes Heather, new blog design! You must have clicked over during my hasty re-do. It's not great, but it's more fitting of my current mood and will do just fine until by HTML skills improve. :)

Leslee said...

Woo Hoo! Glad you are back! Me, I am in love with those flats!!! MUST HAVE...

Love the new blog design and your HTML links fine on our side ~

Amiee said...

Welcome back! I love the bag too especially.


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