Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bachelorette with Class

Loyal TOTC blog reader Tonja said, "I have a request! So I am a typical pear-shaped lady, about 5'5 and average size... bachelorette party in South Lake Tahoe on Labor Day weekend. Apparently the cute black dress I'd like to wear is too fancy for the late 20-something er's I'll be partying with (me being almost 33 and all). What the heck do I wear? I can't wear super high heels (bad feet) and want to be comfy, but still look like I am out to party.. any ideas?"
Tonja, I'm with you...I would have totally opted for the cute black dress. But apparently the trend is towards something a little more, um...trampy. Have you seen some of those bachelorette party photos on Facebook? Skkkaaanky. I don't want you to dress like a tramp, so I hope this outfit fits the bill. I think it's casual, but still put together and chic enough for dinner and drinks out with the girls. Do you agree bloggy readers? Or have I missed the boat on bachelorette fashion?
Here's the scoop about today, everything comes from Old Navy because there's a 30% off coupon! that you can use through Sunday! What up!


Tonja said...

Ahhhh I LOVE! We're trampin' it up at a super fancy nightclub so I found an old plain black dress I am going to try to doll up.. BUT, this would be perfect for a possible more casual night out the next night since we're staying the whole weekend.. wonder if my huge butt can do those bottoms.. we will see! :) THANK YOU!

Tonja said...

OH! And it would go great with my Frye boots I had emailed you about before.. so it will cost me even less!

Tracy said...

I'm so glad you like it!! If I would have been thinking I would have known to pair this with those awesome boots you already have. You'll have to send me a picture! Have fun shopping at Old Navy with that awesome coupon, I'm hitting it up tomorrow!

Tonja said...

Update: Went at lunch. My butt needs to lose 10 lbs before I can wear those jeans. They are super comfy, but that alone is not a reason to subject others to what they'd see. Couldn't find the cami, the cardigan - they didn't have my size. The necklace was just being put on display and the scarf was nowhere to be found. Probably would be better off buying on the website, but then I couldn't use the coupon and it wouldn't come in time. BUMMER! So here's to losing the poundage!

Tracy said...

Awww snap!

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

Haha... I'm totally with Tonja. I'd have no idea where to fit in with all the Skanky McSkankersons. I love the look and I am still so JEALOUS over her previously mentioned FRYES. Dude.


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